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Susan C. Carson is a master at bringing harmony into your life by unveiling your inherent style and color palette. Through her consultation and advise you will find permission to be you, exerting a "rite of passage" that allows your hidden self to emerge. You will learn to express you at your best.  

For more than twenty years, Susan has shared her aesthetic abilities in Image Consultation and Interior Design. Her clients and friends repeatedly describe her skill as a "Gift." As one client observed: "Susan has this special intuitive quality that enables her to see the real you. She reads people better than anyone I've ever encountered, and helps you feel comfortable with who you are."

Susan's vision extends beyond her clients wardrobe, hair style, and cosmetics to include their home, business, and social environments. She sees you en total, you and your complimentary style.


Knowledge extraordinary

Along with her formal education, Susan credits much of her talent to an intensive year of apprenticeship under Suzanne Caygill at the Academy of Color. Originator of the "Four Seasons" color concept, Ms. Caygill was internationally recognized as a pioneer in color research and for many years was an image designer for MGM Studios in Hollywood. She founded the Academy of Color in San Francisco and passed on her extensive knowledge to only eight carefully chosen students. Susan Carson was honored to be among the chosen few.

While living abroad, Susan immersed herself in European and Latin American cultures, absorbing a rich mosaic of fashion, architecture, interiors, fabric, and furnishings. Susan's international experiences and world travel enhance her ability to visualize each of her clients in a lifestyle harmonious with his or her particular heritage.

  • International Management Degree from the American Graduate School of International Management.
  • Bachelor of Science degree from Woodbury University in Los Angeles, major in design and major in fashion.
  • Certified Colorist Designation from the Academy of Color in San Francisco.
  • Art and design studies through the Otis Art Institute and the University of California in Los Angeles.
  • Past President of Color Designers International. Former member American Society of Interior Designers, Institute of Business Designers, and Illuminating Engineering Society.
  Diverse Assignments
  • Developed a multi-unit theme for the night club, restaurant, bar and pool at the Balboa Club in Mazatlan, Mexico.
  • Designed home and office environments for Warner's Furniture and Interiors of Phoenix, AZ.
  • Redesigned the interior atmosphere for improved production at the Western Electric facility in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Created a new look for City Hospital's burn unit in Los Angeles based on a psychological value of color to reduce patient mortality, lower employee absenteeism and raise overall moral.
  • Image consultation corporate clients include: Golden Door, Escondido, CA - Sakowitz, Scottsdale, AZ - Canyon Ranch, Tucson, AZ - Nelson Harper and Associates - Dial Corporation - City of Scottsdale, AZ - Marriott Corporation - JW Marriott Hotels (Las Vegas NV and Paradise Valley AZ) - Del Webb Corporation - Governor, State of Arizona - CEO's and Presidents of major corporations along with attorneys and realtors.

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