You own many clothes but have nothing to wear!

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wak-up call

Let's begin with a Wardrobe Audit!

  • First we will take inventory - then purge, purge, purge all that is unnecessary then we will streamline your closet for a better you!
  • I simply want us to take stock and rethink your look. My plan is to have fun while we are economizing.
  • Make an investment of a few hours and let me create magic.  I am known for my ability to organize, mix and match and accessorize to create a whole new look out of what you already own.
  • I assure you that we will get the best value for your shopping dollar.

luxury of less

Practical Planning

Now I am the last one to tell you not to covet great clothes and I understand the feeling of slipping into a beautiful pair of Prada shoes. However, it is time that we all stop and appreciate what is already in our closets and proceed with caution before spending money on something new.

My practical planning is not about doing without; it's about realizing you can get the same euphoria that Prada gives you by reworking your wardrobe. This will help you through the process of rediscovering your wardrobe, seeing it through a new perspective and learning how to bring it up to date without breaking the bank.

smart shopping

Strategic Shopping

I will teach you how we can strategize your shopping excursions by asking these questions before going out to buy new clothing:

  • Do I already own something like it?
  • Can I alter something I already own to look like it?
  • Where will I wear it?
  • Of course I want THIS dress NOW - but what did I want before I left the house?
  • What will I have to forego later because I spent money on this?

Strategize and both your style and bank account will come out winners!

My strategic shopping consists of three simple questions:

  • What do I have?
  • What do I need?
  • What do I want?



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