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Women and Men have always wanted to look proper in their business and social environments, but are now looking for a way to be more expressive. With wardrobe and fashion choices changing, many have begun to challenge what is appropriate and they are willing to wear different colors and styles. When you want to put together a distinct style, youe need the advice of a professional.

"I make shopping a pleasant, positive, and efficient experience."
- Susan C. Carson

Questions you may ask:
  • How can I add more style to avoid looking like a clone in the office?
  • Can I incorporate more color in by business wardrobe?
  • When and where are these new styles appropriate?
  • Are the new styles right for me?
  • How efficient is working with a professional going to be?
  • Why do you choose certain clothing for my style and career?
  • How will my wardrobe affect my associates view of me?


Here are some answers:

I always explain the why I choose certain styles and clothing. We do a total analysis of your style and color choices.

I have you explain why you don’t like certain items. Through this process, you will gain the tools to pick the correct items in the future.

I never force you to buy something you are not ready to wear.

The more you know, the more you will have trust in me and try new ideas.

    I realize that your time is valuable, we will target the appropriate look for you quickly.


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