dramatic style

Message and Strength

Dramatic style projects a fashionable and sophisticated image. This message is understood by everyone who sees you dressed in this style. Dramatic style communicates that you are:

  • Confident and Self Assured
  • Assertive and Bold
  • Demanding and Intense
  • Remote and Aloof
  • Cosmopolitan and Urbane

Dramatic style guarantees attention and "star recognition" because the clothing and appearance is striking and exaggerated. This style will give you the following strengths and advantages:

  • Power, importance
    Strong look suggests leadership, ability to influence
  • The spotlight, center of attention
    Exaggerated look attracts publicity and notice
  • Commanding presence
    Severe style evokes respect
  • High fashion look
    Fashion forward, avant-garde appearance
  • Feeling of strength, protection
    "Suit of armor", clothing empowers


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