elegant style

Message and Strength

Elegant Style projects a refined and stately image. This message is understood by everyone who sees you dressed in this style. Elegant style communicates that you are:

  • Cultivated and Polished
  • Meticulous and Discerning
  • Reserved and Restrained
  • Serene and Poised
  • Gracious and Dignified

Elegant Style confers status and prestige. It does this because the clothing and appearance is formal and polished. This style will give you the following strengths and advantages:

  • Distinguished, dignified look
    Proclaims importance and influence
  • Prominence
    Elevates social and professional standing
  • Admired, emulated appearance
    Known for good taste and discernment
  • Sense of Confidence
    Flawless, impeccable appearance increases self-esteem
  • Timeless, easily coordinated wardrobe
    Classic, ensemble dressing



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