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Do the furnishings in your home or office reflect your style?

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If your palette has rich colors, natural fabrics and texture, your line and design is sporty casual, it makes sense that you would feel uncomfortable with lots of wallpaper and floral prints; or if your palette has old world pigments with dressy fabrics and silk jacquard patterns you would feel uncomfortable with Mexican tile, casual furniture and heavy woven fabrics. Yet many times we use an interior designer who does not understand our unique personal style and the importance of integrating it into our homes.

What you end up with is a room or a home that is well designed but does not feel quite right or fit your personality.

Whether your design project is large scale or you just need a few new ideas:

Allow Me To -
  • Take a fresh look at the furnishings you have with new eyes and inspiration.
  • Assist in the arrangement of physical elements where needed.
  • Suggest additions or subtractions before you go further.
  • Co-ordinate colors, mix and match your current belongings.
  • Help you express yourself through your furnishings.
Over the past few years I have traveled to several parts of the country helping clients design and re-design the interiors of their homes. The comments I heard over and over were:

"You make it so easy because you know exactly what we like and you take the guesswork out of so many choices. But most importantly, it feels so right for us.”


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