sporty casual style

Message and Strength

Sporty Casual style projects a friendly and casual image. The message is understood by everyone who sees you dressed in this style. Sporty style communicates that you are:

  • Fun and Outgoing
  • Happy and Cheerful
  • Optimistic and Enthusiastic
  • Energetic and Quick
  • Unpretentious and Natural

Sporty casual style enables you to bring fun and friends into your life. It does this because the clothing and appearance is informal and natural. This style will give you the following strengths and advantages:

  • Approachable, people-oriented look
    Suggests easy-going, likeable personality
  • Youthful, energetic appearance
    Transmits vitality and alertness
  • Unpretentious, straightforward manner
    Conveys candid, open personality helpful in sales
  • Reduces stress
    Clothes are loose and comfortable
  • Saves time
    Versatile, easy care clothing
sporty casual

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