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What is a Modern Woman?

I ask you this question because magazines and fashion dictate that to keep up with fashion you have to adapt to the new trend of “in” look. This is misleading and outdated. Women need clothes to reflect their style and realities, and not that of a 19 year old model and her fantasy. This reinforces and verifies the satisfaction that goes with understanding your palette. Your unique line and design will work forever for you.

Allow me to help you discover your innate style!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis portrayed the essence of style even in her youth. From what we have read about her, she was never caught up in the “trappings of the day” in fashion or cosmetics. She had a built-in sense of style, (her Bouvier genes), that not only governed what she purchased, but the way she wore it. She frequently received letters from women who complained that they bought “exact copies” of her outfits, but when they put them on, the effect was not the same. They simply could not understand why. If they were the same size, roughly the same age, and clad in the same outfit, why did they not look like Jackie? The answer is that each of us has our own unique personal style and design.

Through this service you will be able to: update your look
  • Identify your look and learn to put it together in an organized manner!
  • Have knowledge so that your clothing purchases will not be wasted investments!
  • Have total confidence in your appearance for every occasion!
You may be thinking:
  • Will I look the same all the time and get bored?
  • How do I dress for different circumstances? If my style is classic elegant or dramatic, how do I dress for the gym or a sporting event? Or, if my style is casual and I don't feel comfortable in beaded dresses or ruffles, what do I wear to a formal occasion?
  • I don't want to be locked-in to always having to dress the same way.
You will learn to trust that:

When I give you the tools to harmonize your innate characteristics with your physical life style, you will give yourself a “rite of passage” to be yourself. You will look perfect for every occasion!

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