traditional style clothing

Message and Strength

Traditional style projects a conservative and businesslike image. The message is understood by everyone who sees you dressed in this style. Traditional style communicates that you are:

  • Trustworthy and Loyal
  • Responsible and Reliable
  • Consistent and Dependable
  • Organized and Efficient
  • Conscientious and Honest

Traditional style imparts authority and respectability. It does this because the clothing and appearance is tailored and neat. This style will give you the following strengths and advantages:

  • Authority and Credibility
    Classic, tailored, uniform dressing
  • Respectability and Propriety
    Feeling of confidence, properly dressed
  • Business-like Image
    Universally accepted business look
  • Mature and Knowledgeable look
    Conservative clothing suggests experience
  • Saves Time and Money
    Timeless, long lasting classics


women's traditional clothing style

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